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What is the reason for not being able to bring Plants, Seeds and Soil on international flights?

The transportation of plants, seeds and soil on flights is prohibited due to the possibility of carrying harmful pests, diseases, and invasive species that can cause harm to ecosystems and agricultural industries in the destination country. These pests and diseases can spread quickly and are difficult to control, causing damage to crops, forests, and natural habitats. Moreover, there is a risk that plants and soil can cause problems for the aviation industry, as soil may contain organisms that can corrode metal parts, and plants may attract insects and birds that can interfere with aircraft engines or pose safety hazards on runways.

To prevent the spread of such harmful pests and diseases, most countries have strict regulations that prohibit the importation of plants and soil without the appropriate permits and inspections. It is important for travelers to check with the relevant authorities and adhere to all regulations when traveling with plants or soil to avoid any potential penalties or restrictions.

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